Kulle Story Bro – A Diablo 3 Podcast Episode 3


If there is a Season 4, which character would you prefer us to try out and discuss for Episode 5 (or 4 depending on when Season 3 ends)?

Episode 3

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In this Episode we discuss the PTR Season 3, what we attempted in Season 2, and whether or not the patch should go Live in “a couple of weeks” or “later this month”

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2 thoughts on “Kulle Story Bro – A Diablo 3 Podcast Episode 3

  1. Have really enjoyed the first three episodes. Glad that there’s another Diablo podcast out there considering how many WoW, Hearthstone, and Heroes of the Storm podcasts there are. I promoted your show on the latest episode (66) of the Shattered Soulstone (Diablo community-focused podcast). Gotta spread the love y’know?


  2. Henry

    Just finished episode 3. What you’re doing is great. Keep up the hilarity. This is the first podcast that makes me laugh out loud. Pretty sure the guy in the car next to me thought I was retarded.


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