Kulle Story Bro – A Diablo 3 Podcast Episode 5


I had some audio issues in the first upload, but I deleted it, made some tweaks, and I believe everything is smoothed out.

In this Episode we (yes we and not me) discuss Patch 2.1, we give the people more of what they might be getting sick of (Witch Doctor) as well as the other classes, and we continue the discussion on each class on the Season ladders (builds, tiers, and gear).

Episode 5

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4 thoughts on “Kulle Story Bro – A Diablo 3 Podcast Episode 5

  1. H2O Midnite

    Good information and good flowing podcasts im a truck driver and I listen to podcasts constantly so nice job! Ive only made it through the first on and going through the rest right now but I wanted to ask if you could maybe kind of explain what to really do in Diablo 3. Im a console player and beat it on 360 and now im playimg again on xbox one its a fun game but I really dont understand whats the good things to get or anything like that im basically playing on thw understanding is get something better equip it trash the bad stuff I dont know the inner workings of how to play it right. Right now im playimg a demon hunter im about level 35


    • H20, let me see if I can toss some helpful information your way. For levels 1-70, the equip better stuff tactic works best. I personally do not like wasting time trying to get specific gear at lower levels because the item will become obsolete in the next couple of levels. Same for the spec. I prefer to try out multiple skills and runes as I level, I kind of use it as a learning experience. Now when you get to 70, all bets are off and it’s game time. In my opinion there are a few ways you can go about gearing and builds. Here are the two that I use most often:

      1) Pick my “end game” spec (This is the spec that I want to play and is considered a high torment build), then research what gear will support this build/spec the best. Now comes the fun part, play the piss out of Diablo 3 until you get the gear you want. Run normal bounties with groups to get rift keys, then run the highest rift you can handle (dying is not fun and can be frustrating), and finish it off with some greater rifts (if and when the consoles get the 2.1 patch). Try to beat the greater rift with only 4 mins and 30 seconds or less left on the timer, that way when you upgrade your key, you only go up one level. I have tried to create my own builds, but to be honest, they are never better than what other people are putting out. I have accepted this…somewhat. What I usually do is find the “cookie cutter” spec that everyone is playing (diablofans.com has a great build section) and change out a skill or 2 to match my play style and preference. What is the point of playing a spec if you are not having fun with it right?

      2)The second option is play around with skills in lower levels until you stumble upon a build changing legendary (not many are considered “game changer”) and choose/build/design a spec around the item. I have used this option a few times and it’s usually been because of elemental type items. An example would be running a crusader with lightning damage and having a maximus drop. Maximus is great for a fire based crusader, so I now go with a fire based build.

      Again, this is how I choose to play the game and it is what I enjoy doing. It may not be the same for you. Dean and I looking at doing some build segments (or the whole show) for our next episodes and the plan is to go over a few builds, the required gear to support the build and some usable variances to the build. Those episodes will be far more in depth than this comment. Thanks for listening and we appreciate the comment.


  2. themachine

    Kulle podcast, guys! There’s a dearth of Diablo 3 podcasts out there and I’m glad you guys made one. It is pretty straight forward and has none of the BS. Just full of in game knowledge and stuff. You guys know your shit. Keep it up!

    Much love from the philippines! 🙂


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