Kulle Story Bro – A Diablo 3 Podcast Episode 6


In this Episode we discuss some hot fixes that went live during the week, our current season status, friends with leveling benefits, and my favorite wizard build right now.

Episode 6

Wizard Build

Legendary Gem Upgrading

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2 thoughts on “Kulle Story Bro – A Diablo 3 Podcast Episode 6

  1. Henry

    Another great episode. As I’m somewhat new to the end game I see a lot of builds that note that certain affixes should be on certain gear I.e. Phys resistance on bracers or primary skill buff on belt. What are your thoughts pertaining to the affix to gear ratio?


    • In my opinion it depends on weather you are talking about secondary affixes or primary affixes. With primary affixes I believe it is very important to try and get that skill/elemental % affix. I will use the witch doctor as an example (surprise surprise).

      With the shoulder slot, I like to roll int, vit, toughness (armor/resist all/%life), and skill % (Garg/fetish army/dogs). An increased 15% damage for that skill is very noticeable.

      With the bracer slot, I like to roll int, vit, crit chance, elemental % (physical or fire) depending on what zombie dog I am using.

      Other slots can roll skill % rolls, but not every slot can roll every skill. The information button om the enchanter pop up window can help with that.

      Secondary skills however, I do not put much thought into them. Very rarely have I found a piece of gear that rolled perfect enough stats for me to want to reroll a secondary affix instead of trying to max out a primary stat. If you happen to find that piece of gear, then the secondary stat I would shoot for would be reduced damage from melee attacks, and resists. Physical is the preferred since elemental damage can mostly be avoided and int based characters do not dodge or block very well. There is a point where resists start to suffer from diminishing returns and they are not the best bang for your buck. Personally I wouldn’t worry about secondary stats unless you are at the last bit of min/max for your gear.


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