Kulle Story Bro – A Diablo 3 Podcast Episode 8


In this episode we discuss Demon Hunters and the top build with variances, we also give our take on the newest 2.1.1 patch, and we discuss our most recent ladder adventures. Dean stumbled across some really nice Google docs for breakpoints and average blood shards needed to get specific legendaries from Kadala. We are not the authors of the spreadsheets, so use them at your own risk, but seriously use them, they are pretty damn good.

Episode 8

M6 Sentry Demon Hunter Build

Sentry Breakpoint Calculator (Since this a Google doc, you will need to log into Google, then select “file” in the spreadsheet and “make a copy” to be able to edit the cells)

Kadala Legendaries

Legendary Gem Upgrading

My characters


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2 thoughts on “Kulle Story Bro – A Diablo 3 Podcast Episode 8

  1. rabidshrew

    Great episode guys!

    Just wanted to stop by and say the show is really developing nicely, and bring up a few points I was mulling over.
    In regards to breakpoints I think you may have left out the most important piece of information for the casual attire listeners, and that is that any attack speed increase you get in-between the breakpoints is a complete waste of an affix. I’ll run through a little example to describe in more detail what I mean because I am not certain I am right and would like to know if you guys agree or not.
    Considering these completely imaginary breakpoints:
    So someone has an attack speed of 2.45. They find an item with 7% attack speed. Equipping it would bring them to 2.52 attacks per second (because they are foolishly using a 1.0 APS weapon), but be totally useless because the skill they are using ONLY receives a damage increase at the next breakpoint of 2.54. If they can somehow manage to roll 2% more on their gear then that item would be great. If not then it is better to stay at 2.45 and either roll the attack speed off their new item for a stat that is useful now, or save the item for the future in case they are able to come up with the extra attack speed some day. That is how I was lead to believe it works, is that how you understand it as well?
    As far as the intro length goes I think any multiple of 15 seconds is perfect, ergo at 30 seconds the current intro length is perfect. If I did not have the handy skip-ahead-15-seconds button on my podcasts app then I would probably think your intro is about 30 seconds too long, but then I have never been one for intros. On that note I must take this opportunity to counter that suggestion you received after your first (? or second) podcast to put a little segue in between each section of the show. Please don’t do that. If you must do that then I would vote for a 15 second segue. In fact go ahead and put as many 15 second segues in the show as you want, because those rock!!! (seriously though….don’t)
    Anyway really enjoying the podcasts (on my way to work). Dean really held it down last episode. I always thought the old zDPS monk was interesting and was curious as to how the new zDPS monk worked now that exploding palm is no longer %hp based. I am also curious how it compares to a zDPS witch doctor so if you ever get the TikTank spec up and running please do include a head to head comparison with the monk, and which you find more beneficial. A buddy of mine used to run a TikTank build (sort of) when ROS first dropped and it was incredible. Perma-stunned elites are a thing of beauty, but then so is sucking all the mobs on the screen into one tiny spot ready to be AOEed into the dirt. Gonna be a tough call which is better, perhaps thats why some high tier groups are using one of each.


    • You are correct about atk speed being a wasted stat unless it takes you to the next break point. I can’t believe we glossed over that, thanks for the backup. As for the tiki build, a breakdown may be in the near future and I like the idea of a head to head comparison to the zdps monk.


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