Kulle Story Bro – A Diablo 3 Podcast Episode 9


In this episode we discuss the Crusader Phalanx-Stampede build and add on to last week’s discussion of the Demon Hunter M6 Sentry build. We give some shout outs and I gush over my newest petdoc item.

Episode 9

Crusader Phalanx-Stampede Build

Sentry Breakpoint Calculator (Since this a Google doc, you will need to log into Google, then select “file” in the spreadsheet and “make a copy” to be able to edit the cells)

Kadala Legendary Drop Chance

Legendary Gem Upgrading

My characters


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2 thoughts on “Kulle Story Bro – A Diablo 3 Podcast Episode 9

  1. Sweet episode, I like that you go in depth with the builds, always look forward to hearing which class/build you are going to break down.

    I have been one of those wizard junkies for a while, and I have a question about one of the builds. I have been trying to maintain an arcane build since vanilla launch, but have never been able to progress out of T4. It quite possibly could have been my gear or even the combination of skills I was using but I tried many different things, and was never able to get out of the T4 slump. I was wondering if an arcane build is even viable? Have you tried this element on the wizard before? I would be greatly interested in hearing about this sort of build. I finally scrapped it after seasons started. I went with firebirds set and was finally able to get to T6(still squishy though).

    I would love to hear both your opinion on how this game has evolved overall, Perhaps a mini breakdown of the history since launch is in order. Things it needs to work on, things that were vastly improved since vanilla. I think that could be interesting.

    I finally decided to make a seasonal character cause of you guys, a monk. Quite interesting starting from scratch again. If you are on D3 drop me a line, I wouldn’t mind gaming with you guys, perhaps take you up on your limited offer of power leveling lol

    – SlimSandMan#1472


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