Kulle Story Bro – A Diablo 3 Podcast Episode 10


In this episode I go over my plans for the rest of the season, I break down the Monk Sunwuko build and give my opinions on the current state of class builds.

Episode 10

Monk Sunwuko Build

Kadala Legendary Drop Chance

Legendary Gem Upgrading

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One thought on “Kulle Story Bro – A Diablo 3 Podcast Episode 10

  1. Sweet episode! Appreciate the shout out, glad I could help out the show in some way. Thanks again for the help on seasons, that helped me out greatly.

    Yeah I figured most wizard builds out there were the firebirds, It’s the ongoing complaints of not enough build options I suppose. If you guys do happen to take a look at alternative wizard builds, try out arcane and let me know the results. It’s just troubling that I spent most of my play time on D3 trying to get a broken arcane build working, lol.

    This one was especially informative for me as I am leveling up my monk for seasons. I was going for a lightning build but I rolled a couple decent holy spec items, so I figured I should switch, happy I did as the top builds seem to revolve around holy. Still looking for my sweeping dragon, it just doesn’t want to drop. I actually have a 3 piece sun wuko’s with a RROG. I am a little disappointed with the decoy that explodes. It does some damage, just not as much as I was expecting. I want to try out the Inna’s set next, having all of the mantras sounds OP as hell.

    For the nickname of fans, how about “The Brohemians”? lol



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