Kulle Story Bro – A Diablo 3 Podcast Episode 22


Season 2 breakdown!

Episode 22

Monk XP farming

Num pad/num lock trick

Kadala Legendary Drop Chance

Legendary Gem Upgrading

CDR Calculator

All Builds

My characters


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4 thoughts on “Kulle Story Bro – A Diablo 3 Podcast Episode 22

  1. Nick DeFeo

    Hey guys, just listened to the podcast while at work. I joined the KSB community but haven’t spoken much in chat, my apologies. I was just wondering your thoughts on the differences in zDPS for Saders. I’ve been seeing Swiftmount builds using Draw and Quarter Steed Charge rune. I’ve seen Solanium builds to get those health globes more often, and doesn’t run D&Q. And then there’s the build you guys have linked that uses Inviolable Faith but doesn’t run Consecration. Trying to gear out my Sader for zDPS and not sure what the best build is. Thanks in advance, and keep up the good work!



  2. Yay! Glad a new KSB graced my ears. Mentioned on my show that I was worried about the lack of shows from you guys, but then boom, there it was. One of these days I’ll get you guys to convert to HC … errr well, at least give it an honest go.


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