Kulle Story Bro – A Diablo 3 Podcast Episode 32


Dean has rectified his computer follies and as penance is breaking down the zDPS Crusader.


Episode 32

zDPS Crusader

zDPS Crusader Theme Song

Gear Planner

How to reroll ancient legendaries

Kadala Legendary Drop Chance

Legendary Gem Calculator

Legendary Gem Spreadsheet

CDR Calculator


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2 thoughts on “Kulle Story Bro – A Diablo 3 Podcast Episode 32

  1. Todd

    hey guys I’ve been subbed for a while though I only play on Xbox 360 console so I miss out on some of the patch updates for PC or XBONE :(. Hoping you might suggest a podcast like yours for console. I’m currently playing a new monk current Lvl 20 just discovered how to play co op w my wife and she has a Lvl 38 wizard. We noticed a glitch where after she dropped out it was still super hard for me around the Khazah Den area after I exited the Lyceum around Leorics Courtyard. On normal mode I kept dying really easy several times. Side note we were both signed in to our respective free Xbox live accounts but the next time she signed in to her game it reset her all the way back to were she left off with me not where she was on her own- prob in Caldeum somewhere. Have you heard a glitch like this. I haven’t been back to my monk since but I have been liking it. Should I delete and start over on that hero. Something else is before my wife joined I was using Templar as follower but picked up scoundrel while wife was with me… I heard scoundrel was better follower than Templar so maybe I can switch to him and see if he can protect me better. I noticed too I was fighting alone a lot trying to fend more my self because sans co op my Templar would be dying super easy and offer no support for me. Any help advice links appreciated thanks all!!!


    • I do not know of any console based D3 podcasts. I think most of the D3 podcasting community (Westmarch Workshop, The Diablo 3 Podcast, Shattered Soulstone, etc.) mainly focus on the PC version of D3. As for the bug, I have heard that the console version is riddled with bugs, but I cannot personally verify that. I would just keep chugging along on your current character and grind it out to 70. As for the follower to use, I like the templar, but you do need to beef him up. His taunt and heals can help a ton. If you are still having troubles, there are console based forums that might have specific fixes to your console woes (google D3 console forum). I can’t recommend one over the other. You also could always join the PC ranks!


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